To develop a successful event, you need a working strategy.

Event planning is an art, your team should be crystal clear about what is expected for day.


Event Planning

Consult with Alka Digital before your next sales meeting, grand opening, fundraiser, press conference or investor meeting. From theme development, program flow, and print collateral to video production, lighting, and sound, we make your event exciting and memorable.

Event Staging

Great staging ensures that your event is seen, heard and felt. Décor, graphics, speakers, product, video and PowerPoint support must be seen. Lighting plays an important role in accentuating these elements at specific times throughout the event.


The secret to great PowerPoint is putting as little as possible on a slide. More is less. Visuals have impact. Video adds energy and emotional connection.

Lighting Effects

Lighting design typically gets the least attention – yet creates the greatest impact. Lighting is not only functional – enabling guests to see and walk – but also adds style and ambience.

Speaker Coaching

There is no right way to present. The best presenters do not follow rules. Pay attention to how you speak and gesture when you’re with family and friends. Let this style merge when you’re speaking to a group.

Theme Development

A theme sets the over-arching context for an event, and provides messaging direction for all involved – speakers and audience. A theme has cause and effect.
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R Eiiti

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