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Our 3 step approach to
growing a brand online

Drive Quality Website & Service
The first step to growing a brand online is to drive an awesome website or mobile app which is able to deliver results and convert visitors into customers.
As a full-service digital agency, we provide a strategic approach to driving qualified traffic. Through various coordinated marketing campaigns we integrate search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email marketing, targeted display advertising and social media campaigns.
Converting Visitors into Customers
Converting incoming traffic into a lead or a sale is the second step to building a successful brand online. A conversion can be defined as any measurement that engages a user with your brand. This includes everything from a purchased item, a requested quote, or a scheduled appointment.

Our team takes the time to identify your brand's position in the market by conducting a thorough competitive analysis. We use that information to design a conversion funnel that encourages your website's visitors to ultimately become customers.
Building Customer Loyalty And Word of Mouth
The third and final step in growing a successful brand online is to continuously bring visitors and customers back.
Generating recurring traffic is a key element in building a trusted relationship with your audience.
Building brand loyalty with your audience helps to establish a repeat revenue model that requires less effort than acquiring new business leads.

At Alka Digital, we practice what we preach. We apply these same digital brand-building principles to our own company, and have seen it grow from a small website design company in Boston, to an internationally recognized full-service digital agency.

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